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Did You Miss a Place with us in October?

Our sincere regret - huge demand that strained our website, power outages, charitable funds that were stretched beyond belief...but you also need to enroll early!

It is YOU who we are here for - we want you to 'nail' those IB exams! 

And we'll support you every step of the way - we're just a facebook, text, skype away!

We've all been where you are now - we're all uni students, all sat the same exams your sitting and we 'get' your stress!

We are back to help you in 2015

More top IB / uni tutors

Slicker, faster, better website

It's all about YOU

We want you climbing the same ladder we're on!

See you in 2015 

  • We help you reach your full academic potential

  • We deliver 3 day revision courses during the July and
    October holidays
    , to boost your confidence and
    increase grades in the upcoming exams

  • At $60 per three-day course, these are accessible to any students wanting to lift their results up to the next grade

It's just you, a handful of other students, one of our brilliant tutors,
and three days to cover the entire subject syllabus.

Let us help you at IB Campus!

Click here for more on what we offer.

We deliver our courses at Epsom Girls Grammar, Auckland. Click here to see our location.

Our classes have a 5:1 ratio for alumni tutors and 10:1 for top IB teachers. Check out the 25.5-hour, full syllabus courses we offer here!

You will be taught by academically excellent university students, IB alumni themselves.
Meet them here!


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